Sunday, December 25, 2016

Chicken update

Over the past 3 months I've been SO busy with school (there's a lot more than last year!). But now that it's finally Christmas break, I thought it was about time I do another blog post :)  
    Last spring we got only 7 new chicks because we knew we were already getting a TON of eggs from the ones we had.  Unfortunately, 2 of the chicks died:(, one ended up being a rooster, and now that it is winter we aren't getting any eggs.  We're going to get a lot of new chicks this spring!

Our younger, egg laying hens (and Chuck) live in the chicken
shed next to the back yard.
Right now, there are 12 chickens in the shed and there are 7 different breeds.
Pretty eggs ;)
Yep, Chuck is still alive at almost 7 years old!
Not a chicken.
Down in the barn, we keep the older hens who
rarely lay eggs.  Also down there is our new rooster
Tup who would fight with Chuck if he was in the shed.

Isn't he handsome??
(maybe sometime in the future I'll show him in the fair!)

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