Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snow day

A week and a half before winter break, a surprise hit us: snow!!!  Now, living in Oregon (and not up in the mountains) we rarely get even a couple inches of snow each year.  If we do, it usually comes later in January or February.  We had previously planned to have our annual Christmas fun day in Portland that day but all the roads were blocked up because of the snow.  Instead, we stayed home sledding and having snowball fights which was just as fun! 

It was the feast of the Immaculate Conception that day
and it started snowing on our way back from Mass. 
It was still only a dusting when we got back from town.

Once an inch or two had fallen, we went sledding through the horse pasture.
Celeste was all right with the snow but she wanted to go
inside when her mittens started falling off (see the far right of the picture.)
Once inside, we enjoyed a delicious soup dinner
and sat by the warm fireplace :)
But our snow adventures weren't finished yet...

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