Wednesday, September 14, 2016

State fair 2016

Last Wednesday, we took an afternoon off to go to the state fair!  We go to the Oregon State Fair every year and we recently started going in late August, so we get a little break from school when we go.

On our way to the fair, some clouds started to roll in and by the
time we got there, it started to pour (which was not on the forecast!!)
so we stayed in the car for a while.
As soon as the rain stopped, we bought our tickets
and started our fair that with the animals.
I was excited to see the chickens since I'm thinking
about showing one of my roosters next year, but when we got there...
...the chickens were gone (they were only there Fri.-Tues).

There were still some rabbits, cavies, etc. to see.
After the animals, we started to make our way to
the exhibit halls and met Smokey bear on the way
(Celeste was pretty scared of him).
Everyone (including Sedric and Celeste) liked the exhibit halls
and there were so many displays to see.
With the exhibit halls behind us, we stopped for dinner.
After dinner my dad bought some tickets and started on the rides
(Cellie and my mom are on a carousel in this picture).
Sedric was really excited to ride a roller coaster after seeing one on TV.
Celeste REALLY wanted to go on the little boats (and she loved it!).

While my mom took the little kids to Jesus Land
(that's what we call the evangelization booth that tells
kids bible stories and has little crafts), James, Mariposa,
my dad, and I went on some of the bigger rides. 

After an hour of our own rides, we met up with my mom and
went on the ferris wheel.

The ferris wheel provided a beautiful view for my mom to take pics.
After the wheel, we ate our traditional elephant ears.
(This is the first selfie my mom took of the elephant ear.
You can see why both she and my dad wanted a redo....)
Completely stuffed by the ears, we were ready to go home but
my mom saw some Alaskan racing pigs and we just HAD to watch them.
Finally, we started to make our way back to the car.  On our way
their, we snapped a picture of us with my friend's goats. 

See you next year, fair!

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