Sunday, October 18, 2015

St. Matthew parish campout day 4

After a very fun Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, annual parish campout came to a close on Sunday.

Celeste was still asleep when my mom got up in the morning.
Sunday is usually are cereal breakfast day when we go to the campout.
Funny face!
Once we finished breakfast, we headed over to mass with
the rest of the parish.
My cousins, my brother, and I sang in the choir at mass with
some other people (I played the guitar, too).
I love this hoodie on Celeste!
After mass, my Mom took Gemma and Sedric around
the campground to get some pictures.

Finally, around 10o'clock, we started to get packed up.
The camp sight where the silver van is parked is ours and the ones
to the left were my grandparent's and my aunt and cousin's. 
Tess wanted to hold Celeste before we left. 
My Dad had to drain out the pipes before we left.
I like this picture of the campground.
Once we left, we headed to a nearby Burgerville in town with our relatives and ate lunch.  After that, we headed home.

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC parish campout; one of our best yet!