Wednesday, October 14, 2015

St. Matthew parish campout day 3

Saturday at our parish campouts are always full of activities which, of course, means full of fun!

It was pancake breakfast day at our campsite.
Celeste liked the pancakes!
After breakfast we headed to the pool once again.
After lunch, the whole parish did tie-dye!
(this is a tradition we have every year)
There were a LOT of colors to choose from.
While people were doing tie-die, my Dad played tetherball
with our friend, Mary.
He played with my papa (his dad) too!
(I think Papa won)
The little putting greens that were set up were a big hit.
For dinner, we had a potluck with the rest of the parish
(like we do every year)
There was a lot of food to choose from.
After dinner, we had the traditional parish talent show.
James did some magic tricks for the show.
Once the talent show was over, some of us kids played
a game called Left Center Right.  To play the game you start
with four quarters (that you bring yourself).  Depending on what the
  dice's outcome is, you have to either give some quarters to the person
on your left, the person on your right, or in a pile in the center
of the table. Whoever is the last one with a quarter wins all of the quarters.
Our cousin Sophie won!
After Left Center Right, the parish set up a movie for everyone.
The movie was Harry and the Henderson's. It was about Bigfoot
and it was pretty good.

Stay tuned for the last day of the campout!

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