Friday, May 8, 2015

Little lambs

Last year, our neighbor borrowed some sheep from her friend to clean up her property. They did pretty well and now her property is pretty cleaned up. 
Like last year, all of the sheep had babies and this year there were 7 pairs of twins!

We are able to see the sheep any time we want because
their fence is right on the driveway.
This is one of the first ones born this year. 
One of the twins was chased out of the herd
by another sheep so our neighbor (who didn't
have water for the day) had to come over to
heat some formula for it. 

A day or two after I saw one of the lambs was stuck in some wood by their barn! We called our neighbor and she said she wasn't there so I went and freed it. Unfortunately, it later died =:[
There was another very large lamb that couldn't walk and its mom was nowhere near it. We told our neighbor about it and she took care of it. 

A few days later, this sheep had twins (I saw one of them being born)!
The twin I saw being born couldn't walk (like the other one),
so our neighbor took also took care of it.  
More sheep.
Big Ram 

This all happened a few weeks ago so now all of the sheep have had lambs. Only 2 have died which is surprising since about 4 others were sick. The ones that were sick were taken back by our neighbor's friend and our now doing fine. We even got to bottle feed one of the sick ones a few times when our neighbor was gone for the day!

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