Monday, June 8, 2015

Altar society annual potluck

Back in the middle of May, it was our altar society circle's turn to host the annual potluck that all of the other circles in Hillsboro come to. After some thinking, we decided the theme should be "Celebrations in May" (Memorial day, May day, Assumption of Mary, etc.).

We helped set up the parish hall before everyone came.
Everyone wanted to hold Celeste!
We set up candies, nuts, and flowers on every table.
James and I did a little background music.
As always, we had a raffle. There were lots of baskets to choose from!
The lady with the most children, grandchildren,
great grandchildren, (and maybe even great great
grandchildren!) got to crown Mary. I think the most was 62!
James, Mariposa, and I sang Seek Ye First
and Immaculate Mary.
Everyone had a very good time and some ladies even said it was the best one they had ever been to (which was saying a lot because the ladies who said so had been to a LOT of them!).

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