Wednesday, April 29, 2015


On Saturday about three weeks ago we got nine chicks!!!

Walking into Coastal.

Chick to go box.

We got four from Coastal.

After Coastal we got five from Wilco.
The next day my uncle took me to Coastal to get me five more (it was his Christmas present to me)!

Unfortunately, the next day, one of them died (we think it was sick) so we went to Wilco to get a new one an ended up getting two which was good because the next day another one died (the same type that died the previous day).

All in all, we now have 14 chicks!


  1. Wow thats so cool! sadly chickens aren't allowed in our neighborhood :(

  2. Are these in addition to the chickens you already had? You should have a lot of eggs!

  3. Yes, these are in addition to the chickens we already have (we have 19 others).

    Bunny =:]