Monday, April 6, 2015

Beach house vacation pt.4

On Thusday we went to Tillamook so that we could tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory!

On our way to the Cheese Factory, my Dad stopped at a place that sold crab caught in the bay. We found out that they would have more crab by Saturday morning which was fine because we were having a crab fest Saturday night when the rest of our family came.

Across the street from the crab shop, there were trains
that ran on the railroad. Sedric really wanted to see them so we did. 
Sedric loved them!
The diesel was pretty cool.
 After the trains we made one more stop before the Cheese Factory… the Tillamook Smokehouse!

The store was small but the meat was delicious!
Picking out some jerky.
Dad got all of us two foot pepperoni sticks! 
They were a hit!
 Finally, we came to our destination.

Like always, we got a picture in the milk truck.
Everyone wanted to be the farmer.
Taking a break from walking around. 
Sedric liked to watch the cheese. 
An attempt at getting a family picture. 
Celeste loves the Cheese Factory!
Trying some cheese samples. 
After our walk around the factory, we got some ice cream.
I got yogurt because I gave up dessert and candy for Lent.
Celeste liked her ice cream  =;P.
After the Cheese factory, we went to Fred Meyer.
Gemma and Sedric got to go in the play land.

Once we got back, the younger kids went to nap and Mom took James, Mariposa, and I to the tide pool beach.

The day was BEAUTIFUL!
We looked for more creatures.
I caught four fish!
My Mom just read a book an relaxed on the sand while we played.
Looking for crab.
We caught a lot of hermit crab. Whenever I said "Boo" they
would quickly go back into their shells.
We had a lot of fun!
When we got back to the house, we had dinner then Mom took Gemma, Mariposa, Sedric, and I back down to the tide pool beach.

Just like the afternoon, it was beautiful.
Sedric and Gemma had fun playing in the shallow water.
I found a crab with eggs!
Mariposa and Gemma like to pose for the pictures my Mom took of them.
Holding the sun.
Sedric patiently waited for Mariposa and Gemma to come up... 
…then we had to patiently wait for him to finish playing in the puddles.

Stay tuned for pt.5!

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  1. At the train yard Cedric must have been in heaven!

    I love how the girls always pose!