Saturday, April 4, 2015

Beach house vacation pt.3

Wednesday was one of the days we just sat around the house (which was awesome!).

Here are the pics!

That morning we had eggs, oranges, and bagels with
cream cheese and Nutella for breakfast.

Helping peel oranges.

A rarely seen moment
(our Dad put on a movie for them downstairs while we watched Robin Hood upstairs.)

After the movie James, Mariposa, and I went to the corner store to get ice.

My dad had a business call.
Some rocks and shells we collected.

That afternoon, Celeste took a nap. 

We think the reason her ears stick out a little bit is
because she did this position in the womb.

Playing on the iPad, one of the many pastimes.

 Once Gemma and Sedric were taking their nap, Dad took James and I back to the tide pool beach.

It was a windy and wet day.

We caught 13 crab!

This one was pinching me!

For dinner that night we had burgers.
Coloring a Thomas the Train coloring page.

 Stay tuned for pt.4!

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