Thursday, April 2, 2015

Beach house vacation pt.2

 I thought I'd mention what the house looked liked before I tell what we did there. It was 3 stories tall (counting the garage). The kids slept on the second floor and Mom, Dad, and Celeste slept on the third floor. The second floor had 3 bedrooms, a bathroom with washing machines and a small shower, and a living room with a small TV, couches, and a table with chairs. The third floor had a bedroom (the one my parents slept in) with a bathroom, a kitchen, a table to eat at, and a living room with a TV.

Whew! Now that I told what the house looked like, I'll tell you what we did on our first full day (Monday). 

The morning after our first night there, we all woke up around 7:30 and went upstairs for breakfast.
After breakfast, we watched Jurassic park (one of the many movies we borrowed from our grandparents). A little after the movie we took a walk out to a little corner store.

That night I think we watched Fried Green Tomatoes
(it was a very good movie).
Sedric didn't want to watch the movie so he watched Thomas
the Train instead.
The next morning (Tuesday), we walked down to an amazing tide pool/beach area that we had discovered after a walk we took on the previous evening. It was all enclosed in rocks so when the tide came in, it streamed over some of the lower rocks and did not come in as waves.

Walking on the train tracks.
The tide pool/beach was inside the bay.
The first crab we found! (We later found bigger ones.)
There were also TONS of Hermit crab! 
The tide pools didn't go very deep.
Looking for Hermit crab.
Only a few of the crab we found had pinchers
that might hurt, but Sedric decided that he
didn't like any of the crab. 
There was even a starfish though we thought it was dead. 
Footprints in the sand. 
I think Sedric stepped on a rock but he thought it was a crab.
A bigger view of the tide pools. 
James found the biggest Hermit crab yet!
Digging for clams (we found 12!).
Gemma's coat was missing so Gemma and I had to go and find it.
Everyone was tired after the trip to the beach.

That night we watched Pollyanna but we were interrupted when we saw coast guards doing rescue maneuvers!

They were right over the bay and we could see them very well.
They dropped a diver into the water!

  Once we went inside, we continued to watch Pollyanna while the coast guards did maneuvers for another hour.

Gemma did a good job holding Celeste.

Stay tuned for pt.3!


  1. wow, I LOVE that tidepool beach, it looks so beautiful!

    what did you think of Fried Green Tomatoes? I only watched it once, but I cried a lot, I thought it was so sad!

  2. I thought it was sad too! But I liked the parts that weren't sad.

    Bunny =:]

  3. The crabs reminded me of when we were in Galveston in the ocean and I could fell hermit crabs under my feet everywhere!

    How cool that you got to see the coast guards practice!