Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beach house vacation pt.5

After many days of waiting (it was now Friday), the rest of our family came! 

Just a little bit after they came, we went down to the tide pool beach.

Everyone liked trying to find crab.

Gemma found a fish skeleton!

Lots of crab!

Cousin photo.

Once we got back from the beach, we had dinner (fish tacos).


We had root beer floats for dessert. 

The next day, we just sat around the house and had fun!

Saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast.

Celeste in the sling!

After breakfast the men went to the harbor to get crab.

Don't let it pinch you Fr. Juan!

That afternoon, Papa fell asleep on the couch and
Grammae thought he'd like some whipped cream...

In the evening, Fr. Juan said Mass for us.

Uncle shane likes holding Celeste!

For dinner we had salad mac and cheese, bread,
baked potatoes, and of course, crab!

We kept the crab and a garbage can next to the table.

James liked the crab.

It was a very good dinner.

Everyone loved the crab.
That Saturday just happened to be Pi day (3/14/15), so of course we had to celebrate with pie!

Blackberry pie from a local bakery.

Auntie Meghan made a banana carmel pie.

Fr. Juan brought "Life of Pi" for us to watch.

After dinner and dessert we watched Life of Pi and all was well…until Gemma threw up…twice.
We think she threw up because of all of all the waves in the movie.

Once everything was cleaned up and we finished the movie we all went to bed (Gemma slept upstairs on the couch with Dad while most of the kids sleep together in the living room downstairs).

Stay tuned for the last beach house vacation post!


  1. These are great tales from your vacation Bunny! I love reading every entry you write and your pictures are great!

  2. I'm glad you had fun with your Curl family, but remember the Christensen cousins miss you too! Be careful when you say "all of" or "the rest of", because the rest of us are spread all over the country, not so lucky to see you so often!

  3. Mom says that maybe if you moved to Oregon, Violet would be in some of these pictures too! =;p

  4. Touche
    We'll all be together in September! Can't wait!

  5. I love root beer floats and the movie Life of Pi!