Monday, August 1, 2016

After camp surprise

 Most of you probably know that a few weeks ago James, Mariposa, and I went to Camp Howard!  It was really fun and I was sad to leave, but I had a surprise for me when I got home... 

...and that surprise was my totally remodeled desk area!  Thankfully, there are no before pictures (trust me, you would not want to see it before my mom cleaned it up).

My mom and dad put some fabric over the cork board, and some
glass over the very chipped and dented wooden desk. 
Some bird pictures I got a few years ago
but never hung up.
My mom said her favorite part of the remodeling
was shopping for fun stuff to put on the shelves. 

Anyway, now that I can actually sit at the desk, I've been using for reading and writing (and a place to get away from my siblings, to be honest :P) and I will use it later in the year for my online classes.

It was an amazing welcome home gift (probably the best ever) and I am so excited to use my desk again.  Thank you mom and dad!!!!!!!!

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  1. I LOVE being able to have a place in the house where it's like "my" stuff and you feel like you can get away in your own little area. The best part is, is that you can move it, place stuff, and keep anything there you want and no one (sibs for the most part) can tell you how to arrange it (well, okay except for maybe your parents wanting it cleaned up!) I`m sure you will enjoy your space very much!