Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Holiday baking championship

Last year, around Christmas, we found a show called Holiday baking championship.  You know, just some random Food Network TV show, but it was really good!  It was a bunch of people baking up holiday desserts (one person getting eliminated each episode) until someone one the $50,000 prize.
After watching it, we all felt inspired so last year, we had our very own holiday baking championship.
This year the show was on again so once again, we held a baking championship in our house:

Working hard!
All of the younger kids wanted to help in the kitchen.
Making buckeyes.
Taking a rest from all that baking.
Decorating sugar and gingerbread cookies was a big hit this year.

The finished products.
(there was more of each kind in the fridge)

Here's what everyone made (with more or less help from mom):

Mom: cranberry bars and lemon cookies
Me: peppermint whoopie pies
James: buckeyes 
Mariposa: gingerbread cookies
Gemma: sugar cookies
Sedric: helped everyone

 Here's a few more that everyone helped with: Russian tea cakes, fudge, and clothespin cookies.

If you are wondering, there was no winner in our holiday baking championship because everyone's desserts were so good!

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  1. I love this tradition and how much time your family spends in the kitchen :)