Thursday, December 3, 2015

Random November happenings

After all the trips, bdays, excitement, and stress of October, November has kinda been our "settle down" month.  Even with the Holidays around the corner, we saved most of those things for December.  Anyway, here's some of the things we've been doing this November.

What would we do if we had a bunch of uneaten peppers in
our garden?  Why, make a peck of pickled peppers of course!
Getting gifts for Operation Shoebox was a lot of fun this year. 
Lots of football is being watched in our house!
I think he's angry that he didn't get dessert after
eating none of his dinner.
Despite all of the trips we had in Oct., we've still been keeping
up with our school!
For a few weeks in November, we had a new chicken shed
being built!  In the meantime...

...chickens were escaping from their temporary home in the barn.
Here they are in our garden and patio area.
Some funny places we have found them so far were
 the outdoor fireplace and inside my Mom's planter box.
Going to the Hare Field Turkey Trot is a tradition for us. 
My mom has been working on cleaning out the apartment.
Mom, Gemma, and I all worked on packaging our tomato seeds
(don't worry Auntie Erica and Grandpa!  We have plenty for you!)
Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle's house
was a big hit! 
We had a party for Celeste with the rest in of the family in Oregon
a little after her actual birthday.
Aunt Cecilia and Uncle Tony came to
visit from Indiana and they came to Celeste's party.
We celebrated cousin Aidan's 13th bday
near Thanksgiving (don't you love that shirt we got him?!?)
My mom is now the leader of the St. Matthew little flowers
group and all of the girls have been having a lot of fun being part of it!
Our music teacher gave us a bag of double chocolate
cookies and after eating them, we just HAD to make some!
Celeste liked the cookies!
There has been lots of Christmas pictures being drawn in the house.
Me and my Leghorns, Cloudy and Misty.
(my mom would argue that they are HER Leghorns)
Celeste has been walking and climbing all over the place!


  1. Bunny, I seriously just LOVE seeing all these random pictures!!!! It`s so nice to see!!!