Tuesday, September 15, 2015


There are a LOT of tomatoes in our garden so of course we have been having them with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Even though we eat them a lot we never get sick of them because they are SO good.

The  yellow ones are Taxis, the red ones are Bloody Butchers,
and the purple ones are Chocolate cherries.
They're like a work of art!

So many varieties.
The little orange ones (Sungolds) are my favorite.

The Bloody Butchers and Taxis taste really good on sandwiches and bagels.

I think these are Bloody Butchers.

These tomatoes are ready to eat!


  1. I'm impressed Bunny. Mount really know your tomatoes.

  2. Whenever we grow tomatoes the birds always steal them before they are ready to be picked:(

  3. Those tomatoes look really good Bunny!

  4. Those tomatoes look really good Bunny!