Wednesday, September 23, 2015

St. Matthew parish campout day 1

At the end of August, our church had their annual parish campout!  As always, some good friends of ours put it together like they've been doing as long as I can remember.

This year, the campout was held up in Cougar, Washington, about two hours away from our house.  The campground was very small (only one loop of spots) so the people from our parish took up almost the whole place.
Even though the campground was right next to the road, it was not a busy road at all. There was a playground, community center, pool, bathrooms, store, and restaurant in the campground which was all very nice as well.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Like we usually do, we left on a Thursday for the campground
and came back on Sunday.  Just like last year, we rented a camper
for the trip.

Our grandparents who live near us came on the camping trip and so
did my Aunt Meghan and her kids.  My Uncle Shane was busy so
he couldn't come with us and neither could my Uncle Brian, Aunt
Coley, and their kids.

Celeste got crazy hair from her nap in the car.
 After the two hour drive, we finally got there!
After setting up, we went straight to the pool with our cousins and some friends.

Celeste loved the pool!  To bad we forgot her swimming suit :(

Taking a break.
I LOVE this picture of Tess and Celeste! 

My Mom managed to get us all lined
up for a picture of us jumping in the pool.
 After the pool, we had dinner then went to a fire pit near the playground and had hot socks with the rest of the parish. Hot socks are basically dough that you cook over a fire and then put pie filling in (they are the BEST!).
After dessert, some friends invited me to play cards with them.

Well I was playing cards, my Dad started a fire at our relatives and ours camp sight.
Stay tuned for day two!


  1. It was really fun, and I hope we might do the parish camp out there next year too.