Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Notre Dame trip: Day two

Here's what we did on day two of our trip. First we went to the hotel's pool. After that we had breakfast    
then started out to my Dad's Mom's good friends house ( We were going to stay there for the rest of the days of our trip). They live in Indiana and the hotel we were staying at was near Chicago so it was going to be a two hour trip to get there, but my Dad took a wrong turn and we ended up in New Buffalo Michigan.

New Buffalo had a lot of trees...

...So many it took about 30 minutes to get through all of them.

  We finally made to our friend's house to have lunch. Then we went to the University of Notre Dame.

This is were one of my Aunts lived when she was there.

The dining hall.

This is where my dad stayed.

This was his room.

There were many ducks in the pond.

Lighting a candle in the Grotto.

St. Bernadette.

The oil in the Basilica  was very pretty.

I thought the angels in the Basilica looked like Sedric.

The birds didn't seem to mind that it was raining.

The inside of the dome.

My dad thinks the jewels on the inside are real.

First down Moses.

This is where my mom lived (notice the hat).

There were 13 floors of books in the library!!

The stadium.

Touchdown Jesus.

One of the many quads.

I had no idea squirrel built nests.
Then we went to the book shop, and back to our friends' house and spent the rest of the day there.

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  1. looks like you didn't mind the rain either. great pictures!