Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lincoln City beach trip: Day two

Here's what we did on day two of our beach trip....

We went to Lil Sambo's for breakfast. Yum!

At about 10o'clock in the morning we went down to the beach.

Gemma got sand all over herself.

James and I had fun using seaweed as lassoes. 

My dad had to move Sedric whenever a wave would come.

Sedric got very messy in the sand.

We tried our best to get a Christmas photo.

After the beach, we had a snack then went to the pool and hot tub.

James learned how to swim!

We played a game where we had to touch either mariposa
or Gemma when they were riding on my dad's back before he swam a whole lap.

We had dinner at a seafood restaurant called Mo's.

So T.

We saw sea lions...

...tons of them!!!

A beautiful sunset.

 After we got back from the hotel we watched a movie then went to bed.

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  1. Looks like a fun second day at the beach! Also nice job learning to swim James!
    From Aidan