Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lincoln City beach trip: Day one

Last Sunday we had our annual beach trip to Lincoln City! We had lots of fun, and I hope you like the pictures (I took the pictures with my new camera). 

Once we got the car packed we hit the road!

We passed the Air museum on our way there.

If you look at the bottom right corner you can see a car in a tree. 

Once we got to Lincoln City we got lunch at Subway and went to
one of our favorite playgrounds.

The playground was right next to Devil's Lake.

Gemma did a lot of "Princess" posses.

Sedric really liked the slides.
 After the playground we went to the pirate bakery and got dessert, then we went to the hotel.
 Sedric went on to the balcony,
and became mesmerized by the ocean. 

I had a lot of fun taking pictures with my new camera.

On the balcony we met a friend

After we got to the hotel we went to the hotel pool and hot tub, ate dinner in our room (chili), watched a movie, then went to bed.

The end.


  1. It looks like youhad a lot of fun at the beach! Also I remember that play ground from camping and I think its probably one of my favorites too. Love Aidan