Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day at the Dog Park

On Saturday the 7th, Me Dad, Gemma, and Mariposa went to the Dog Park. It was Daisy's first time and she is not very good with other dogs so we took her to the small/timid dog area first.

Here are some pictures of us at the Dog Park.

When we were done at the small/timid dog area we went to the big dog area and she was good but she did not like when the other dogs sniffed her or ran past her when they were playing. It was so hot, that she even had drool sticking down to the grass!

When we were done at the Dog Park we went to Burgerville drive thru, PetSmart (she got to come in), Unggers berry farm, and then home. We did all of this because we forgot Daisy's birthday.  

Happy Birthday Daisy!!!!!!


  1. Happy birthday, Daisy! Good job at the dog park!

    Bunny, you're such a good dog owner!

  2. I hope daisy had a great birthday and it looks like you had fun at the dogpark.

    Love Aidan

  3. Happy Birthday, Daisy! I hope Gemma didn't fall in any "yucky" stuff.

  4. I stepped in some "yucky" stuff.