Saturday, June 16, 2012

outside photos

These are some pictures from outside:

Phantom petunia

snap dragon
 sweet peas
 wild poppies 
hood strawberry  
 Auntie Erica, do you know what this is? It is some kind of perennial.
 flowering plum tree


  1. I think that pink perennial might be Penstemon. Does it have 4 stamens plus another infertile stamen (5 total.)? Opposite leaves? We have penstemons growing wild here, but they are more bluish purple.

    Love your garden!

  2. My favorite have always been the snapdragons. Did you make them open their mouths and say their own name in a monster voice? That is what I would do! :)

  3. Erica--bingo, you are right! I finally got down and looked under the plant (no small feat) and found the tag. It is a Penstemon. We have a pink and a purple.

    Mary--yes we know all about you and snapdragons!!!! They remind us of you!!

    :o) Becky