Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crazy Daisy

Daisy can run super fast. Me and my cousins like to play a game called,"Try to catch Daisy,"and it is impossible to catch her. The only way to catch her is to cut her off (witch is impossible) or say time to take a bath (witch is cheating).

Here are some pictures of Daisy running.


  1. Does she like the " catch daisy" game? If I were her I would run away from you if you and wyour cousins were chasing me too!

  2. Beau loves to run fast too. I bet they would have fun running and chasing each other.

  3. I don't think Beau would know how to make friends with Daisy! Is Daisy nice with other dogs?

    PS - Uncle Justin and I still call her Daisy Dukers.


    Love Katie

    Can we have a sleepover at G-ma + G-pa'S house?

  5. Daisy likes the catch Daisy game but sometimes she does not feel like it.

    Daisy does not like dogs bigger or smaller than her but Beau is just the right size, and Daisy would probably like to play with him.

    P.S Katie you should probably ask your parents about that first.

    Bunny =:]

  6. It is really hard to catch Daisy and you have to sprint to catch her.

    Love Aidan