Monday, February 8, 2016

Let it snow pt.2

 As I mentioned in the snow day post, a week later it snowed even more and it stayed for a few days.

It started snowing on Sunday morning which meant we had to drive our smaller car to Mass because it had four wheel drive and our van didn't.  The smaller car had only 8 seats so we were all very squished.  After the experience in th small car, we are all really glad we have our van.  Anyway, this is what happened when we got back from Mass...

Gemma went out and started playing right away.
The chickens weren't sure what to think of the snow.
The fluffy ponies liked it though!
Sledding was a big highlight of the day since the
snow was a little to dry to make snowballs, snowmen, etc.
Big bump!
The dry snow didn't stop Seddy from throwing it at us.
After a little while, some chickens ventured into the snow.
Mariposa decided to bring Celeste out
(notice Celeste's boot that fell off)

Trying to get Celeste's boot back on.
(by then, both the boots had fallen off) 
We sledded right up until dinner.

I like this picture. 
Celeste REALLY wanted to go back out with us.
 On Monday the snow was still there but it had been iced over.  Of course, that didn't stop us from sledding!
We still had to do school even though it snowed. 
The santa and snowman in my Mom's herb box didn't mind the snow.

The ice was so pretty in the morning. 
Taking a break from school.
Mrs. N with Celeste.
I can't remember if some of the kids tried to sled on Tuesday or not because by then, it was only really a few patches of ice.  But knowing them, they probably did!

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