Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Central Oregon rock trip day 3

We had a lot of fun in Central Oregon and before we knew it, it was the last day!

Celeste liked the food they had in the breakfast room!
After breakfast, we packed up and left the hotel/lodge/motel, but of course, we had to stop at a bakery in downtown Sisters that we had seen on the first day.
While Mom, Mariposa, and I were at the bakery, my
dad and the rest of the kids got gas across the street.

We got donuts and brought them to a nearby
park to eat. They were SO good.
 After an hour of driving, we stopped for lunch at Burger King.

The kids liked to play on the indoor playground!

  After we went to Richardson's Rock Ranch on the first day, we decided that we would have to go again on the trip.  So, after Burger King, we drove to the ranch which wasn't far away.
Almost there!

While we were there, we got even more rocks
than the first time!

There were so many rocks out front and there were still more on the
other side of the driveway and in the gift shop.

Big chances of petrified (fossilized) wood.

I found a nice piece of Stinkingwater Plume
in the assorted pile. I think Stinkingwater is
a place in Oregon.

I like this picture of Sedric.

Paying for the rocks.
Instead of going straight to Hillsboro from Sisters, my Dad decided to take the more scenic route up to the top of Oregon to follow the Columbia River west until we got to a certain place to drive down to Hillsboro. 
We had to stop on the side of the road to get this picture of Mt. Hood.

After a little bit of driving, we came to the town of Maupin (in the
distance of this picture) which was next to the Columbia River.
There were a lot of funny shaped hills around Maupin.

After a quick stop at Fred Meyer and a little more driving, we
came to the Columbia River Gorge.

The view was BEAUTIFUL!!

By the time we got to the gorge, we still had an hour left of driving so we decided to stop at the -- fish hatchery to stretch our legs.  Since Gemma and Celeste were sleeping, my Dad stayed in the car with them while the rest of us explored.   
There were lots of Rainbow trout at the hatchery.

There was a machine you could put quarters in
to get food to feed the fish. 
The trout liked the food...

…and Sedric liked to feed it to them!

There was another pond with Rainbow trout.

There was even a sturgeon pond. They were HUGE!

Of course, before we left, Sedric had to play a game
of chase with my Mom on a grass island in the parking lot. 

Finally, we made are way back home.  Here is a map of Oregon, and the routes we took
We started in Hillsboro (in the big yellow spot) then took route 26 down to Mt. Hood.  After that we took route 26 to Redmond and finally route 97 to get to Sisters (where we stayed).  We went to Bend a few times too.  
    On our way back we took route 97 up to Redmond and Madras and then route 197 to The Dalles.  Once we got to The Dalles, we followed the Columbia river to Portland and then down to Hillsboro.

We had a very fun time in Central Oregon and I hope we can go again!

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  1. Nice job Bunny. You are really good at telling a story with your blog.