Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Duck Monday

We have a funny relationship with our neighbors. Most of them we didn't even know until this past  winter! Well, it turned out that our neighbors one property over were in need of someone to take care of   their ducks once in a while when they had activities.  
So, every couple of Mondays, I put up our neighbors' ducks while they're gone.

Here are some pics from the last time I put up the ducks.

These neighbors have a pretty little home on the other side of
the creek/river near us. 

You can see our house from there!

Trying to get the ducks in. Sometimes they will come all
the way up from the creek/river to the shed then just fly
down to the creek/river again!

Kind of blurry, but in this picture I am
bringing water to the shed.

13 ducks and one goose. The goose actually took care of two
baby ducks because she really wanted some babies of her own.

Counting the fowl.
Putting up the ducks is always fun and I really enjoy doing it!

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