Monday, March 2, 2015

Valentine's day

On Valentine's day Grandma and Grandpa came at midnight, but before that we had a very delicious and fun dinner.

Mom and Dad gave each of us a stuffed hedgehog and candy.

James made this card for Dad.

For dinner we had steak, pork (mostly for the kids), rice and mushroom
cakes from New Seasons, salad, and sparkling cider.

For dessert we had brownies, thumbprint cookies made by
Grammae, and a bumblebee cake made by
Decadent Creations, one of our favorite bakeries.

It was a Devil's food cake.

Happy Valentines day!
I hope you had a good one!


  1. Love it! Especially the last picture:)

    P.S. we got a new update on our computer, so I haven't been able to comment lately:(