Friday, February 13, 2015

Seattle/American Girl doll store pt.3

  I was going to do this post on Thursday but I had a lot of school that I didn't go very fast on so I wasn't able to do it until today.

On the balcony in the morning.
Once we got ready for the day, we went down
to the lounge for breakfast.
There was lots of cereal to choose from. 
The breakfast was very good.
All throughout the day, my Mom had trouble getting good
pictures of Gemma 
On the elevator.
The girls side of the suite was very messy. 
Best friends...
…fighting over snacks! (Thanks Auntie Coley!) 
It was a very beautiful morning and I took a lot of pictures.
You can see a ferry, the harbor, and the Olympic mountains. 
You can see Mt. Rainer faintly in the distance. 
In the lobby not only cold you get a tiny drink
of water, you could also get a tiny smoothie!

Before we left the hotel, we went downstairs to explore then left to go to the American Girl doll store!!!
My Mom got them to stand still for a picture before... 
…they wanted to go inside!

There were so many doll things in the store!
Eliot in front of her doll's (Julie) case.

I got a doll! I had been saving up but I only managed to save
up half of the money for it. Thankfully, my Dad said he would
pay the other half for me! 
Here she is!
Eliot in front of more Julie things.

There were ladies who could do your doll's hair at the doll salon.
We didn't get any of our doll's hair done but we got lots of good tips from the ladies!
The bubble bath was looked pretty cool.
Gemma's, doll Rebecca.
Our cousin Sophie's doll, Samantha.
I thought Eliot looked like Kit Kittredge.
She didn't think so.
Eliot thought she would get Julie's ears pierced!
(This is the before picture.)
After picture!
Gemma walked right up to one of the ladies
and asked if she could her dolls ears pierced too...
Waiting to buy the merchandise.

Finally, we got to play with the things we got.
I think Celeste liked the American Girl doll store.
Mariposa got glasses for Saige. 
A picture with the girl of the year, Grace.
We all got a picture with our dolls in front
of the store before going back inside to get a snack at the cafe.
This was a room that you could reserve for parties.
Once we went into the cafe, my Mom tried to get a good picture
of Gemma and Dad...
…and tried...
…and tried..
…and tried.
Finally the snacks came!

We got yogurt, fruit kabobs, and really
good blueberry muffins. 
Eliot didn't want to eat the tops of her muffins:)

We had to try three times (once again, because of Gemma)
to get a good picture.
My doll (I named her Sadie but 'Tiny Bunny '
Is her nickname). 
A picture of all of us right outside the store.
The American Girl doll store was very fun and once we left, we had a day and a half of fun behind us and five hours of driving in front of us. 
Driving away from Seattle.

Julie is sitting in her new seat that Eliot got her.
We were late to get back home because there was a wreck on the highway.
When we were driving before the wreck, I had to use the restroom.
So we stopped and we either A. because I had to go, we were not in the reck
or B. if I didn't have to go, we would have been a little bit ahead of the
wreck, and would not have been late to get home. Thankfully, the firefighters managed to
get some of the rode free of the wreck, so we could drive on to an exit.

We went to Burger King for a late lunch (by looking at the picture,
you can probably guess we were very tired by then).
After lunch, we drove for two and a half hours before finally getting to our Aunt and Uncle's at six o'clock to pick up James and Sedric.

We had a lot of fun in Seattle and at the American Girl doll store and we all hope we can go again!



  1. This was a great adventure Bunny. I'm glad you had a good time.

  2. Wow... what a great post! Glad all ya'll had fun!!