Friday, February 6, 2015

Seattle/American Girl doll store pt.1

Near the end of January we took a trip to Seattle! The reason we took this trip was because we had been planning to go to the American Girl doll store near there (Gemma and Mariposa had American Girl dolls). My Mom thought we should take our cousin Eliot along with us since she likes (and has three!) American Girl dolls. Since we took Eliot our Aunt and Uncle let James and Sedric stay with them while we were on the trip.

We left right after church. 

We got to say hi to James, Sedric, our cousin Emmett,
and our Aunt and Uncle at the Costco gas station. 

We decided to take a trip to Krispy Kreme to get doughnuts. 

There were old fashioned doughnuts being made right then!
Old fashioned is my favorite type of doughnut and my Dad likes
them too so we both got one. They were SO good since they were just made.

Lots of doughnuts to choose from (there were even more types under these).

We got a dozen doughnuts so we got to have extras.

The first sign we saw that had Seattle on it.

Leaving Portland!

Entering Washington!

After about two hours of driving we stopped for lunch at Subway.
One of the ladies that worked there was late so one lady had to do all the work!

Celeste loves Subway!

After a another two hours of driving we finally made it to Seattle!
My Dad got us a hotel to spend the night in using points he earned on his business trips.
In the hotel lobby you could get a tiny drink of water
(Gemma is spilling water in this picture).
 Stay tuned for pt.2!

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  1. American Girl... I used to play with them all.the.time!