Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Christmas money fun day

A few weeks ago we went to the Barnes and Noble book store to spend some Christmas money that we got from Grandma and Grandpa gave us (thanks)! Before we went to Barnes and Noble we had to get Celeste a passport picture because my Mom and Dad are going to Aruba with her next month (my Dad got invited because if he meets his sales goals for his work, they give him a free trip somewhere each year).

She had a cute passport picture.

Happy baby = Happy Mom

Looking at books.

James got a book on magic.

I wonder what Sedric is going to get...

Reading my new book.

Happy with what they got.

After the book store we went to a pizza restaurant called Mod Pizza. We had never been there before and it was really good.

You got to pick your own toppings. You could
even pick a crumbled meatball topping!

I got a lot of toppings on mine.

Mariposa had mushroom pizza.

Gemma got cheese and bacon on her pizza.

Sedric got cheese and bacon too.

Dad got a lot of toppings on his and James
got sausage, bacon, ham, and pepperoni
"I want some pizza too"!

The pizza was really good and we would definitely go there again.

Once we got home Papa helped install the generator that my Dad got after we lost power in December.

Working hard.

All done!
All in all, it was a very fun day. Thanks for the money Grandma and Grandpa!


  1. I love shopping for books! Hope you enjoyed yours!

  2. Generator is a good idea, I can't imagine all of you in a house that big with no power! What book did you buy, Bunny? Mod Pizza looks yummy!

  3. I bought the sixth book in a series called "Wings of fire". It is about dragons.

    Bunny =:]