Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Signs of spring

I went outside a couple of weeks ago and saw many signs of spring!
Here they are.

Blossoms on the flowering plum tree.


Robins all over the yard.

Buds on the maple trees.

Daffodils (all over the place!)


Blossoms on the cherry tree. Thank you for planting it Grandpa!
It is very pretty.

Buds on the lilac.

Buds on the Hood strawberries!

There are leaves on many of our trees and bushes.

TONS of Daisies, clovers, and dandelions. 

Many other assorted springtime flowers. 

The first dandelion in our backyard!

Well, the first three anyway.

The first clovers in our backyard.

The tulips haven't bloomed yet so I guess it's not quite spring yet.  

Last but not least, my Dad finally mowed the lawn after four and a half months!
It turns out that my Mom already did a signs of spring post, but I had already 
completed this one when I found out. Oh well!


  1. Your photos are beautiful Bunny! You have great talent at photography. Keep it up!

  2. I'm jealous, we barely have any flowers here! I agree with Grandma, great pictures! Keep posting