Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Notre Dame trip: Day four

I finally got to doing my Notre Dame post. 
Here it is!

Having breakfast with Kate's Mom.

After breakfast we drove to Notre Dame with my Grandma and Grandpa
for the football game. It started to snow on our way there!

Taking a picture next to Ara Parseghian.

Standing next to the basketball court.

Tailgating with my Grandma and Grandpa.
In this picture we are sitting in my Dad's work boss' car.
They tailgated with us to, and provided most of the food.

The snacks were very good.

Once it got to be only an hour or two before the game, everyone went to the
architecture building for the Concert on the Steps, and listened to the band.

The sun shined out of the clouds on the dome for a few minutes.
I thought it was very pretty.

My Grandpa said my Mom took a picture (and the next one) just like this. 

He said my Mom took one like this too.

After the band played on the steps, they got inspected then they marched
down to the foot ball field! The cheerleaders came first...

...then the Irish guards.

After the Irish guards, came the band members with flutes.
It is the instrument that my Mom played in the band!

A little while after the flutes came the baritones, the instrument that my Dad played in the band! 

More flutes (piccolos to).

We got our seats (and some hot chocolate), then we watched the band come on!

It started to snow again when the players came out.
It was seventeen degrees fahrenheit! Eight degrees with the windchill!  

At halftime the band came on! 

They depicted the first successful forward pass done in football
(done in 1913 by Notre Dame) and the  Notre Dame symbol
(as shown here). They did all of this while playing different music for each one! 

Going back on the field.

We won!

Eating dinner in the dining hall. There was all kinds of different food there.
It was hard to choose what to eat!

Knute Rockne.
Many people say that he was one of the best football coaches ever.

Touchdown Jesus.


  1. Nice post, this makes me miss notre dame! I know you're good at guitar, do you ever think of joining a band? (Either with a different instrument or with guitar)

  2. I'm not sure. I really like playing instruments, but I'm not very good at playing the exact same thing with someone else.

    Bunny =:]

  3. I am good at playing chords with someone else though.

    Bunny =:]