Thursday, February 13, 2014

Notre Dame trip: Day three

The third day of our trip was the day my dad had a business meeting at Notre Dame, so our friends took me out to lunch and to the Studebaker museum.

First we went to a place called Tippecanoe for lunch.
I got clam chowder as an appetizer.

The ice tea was very good.

I got a chicken pesto sandwich for lunch. I thought it looked more like a pizza.

I liked the decoration on the silverware.

There were lots of desserts to choose from.

I chose the caramel apple pie in the end.

Tippecanoe used to be a mansion owned by a family a long time ago.
Notre Dame Christmas tree.

There were many other Christmas decorations. 
After lunch we went to the Studebaker museum.
I saw some Notre Dame stuff in a different exhibit
This is a Irish Guard.

drum major

Band outfit.

There was a cool place where you could pretend like you were in a car workshop. 

There were many president's carriages.
This one was Abraham Lincoln's.  

This guy was taking pictures too.

I really wanted this car.

This car was very small.

Oops.... =:b

Very good prices.

I really liked the Muppet car.
After the Studebaker museum we went to a Italian bakery, picked up our friend's granddaughter from school, then went back to their house.

We went straight from their house to dinner.
I got spaghetti. It was very good.

After dinner we went back to our friend's house.
First I did karaoke with their granddaughter Kate.
Then I played Uno with our friends, Kate and my Dad.
The first round took 10 minutes and the second round took 1 hour ( literally).
Then we went to bed ( Kate spent the night).

Playing Uno.
On Notre Dame trip day two, I forgot to say that we went to Kate's house for dinner, then we went to our friends house for the night.


  1. It looks like you did tons of cool stuff in Indiana! What did your dessert taste like? Aidan:)

  2. It tasted like carmel apples.

    Bunny =:]