Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trip to Portland

On Presidents Day we got our school done early and took a trip to Portland!

First we went to a place called Old Wives Tale to have lunch. It was delicious!

I got a rosemary chicken sandwich, a salad, and some soup.

Mariposa got a burrito and half of a waffle.

James got scrambled eggs, potatoes, and half of a waffle.

I think Sedric wanted the syrup.

Everybody loved the food.

There was even a play area!

After the restaurant we went to four different dessert places but three of them were closed and we didn't want to go to one so we chose Salt and Straw.

James got a root beer float

Mom got almond brittle ice cream. 

Dad and I shared a chocolate malt.

Mariposa got strawberry honey balsamic black pepper ice cream. It was the best ice cream of all!

   We had so much fun!



  1. Sounds like a perfect day. Maybe you can take me to Old Wives Tale and Salt & Straw next time I come there. Or maybe forget it all and just go to VooDoo Donuts.

  2. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I wish I could do all of that.

    Love Aidan

  3. What fun you had! The ice cream's look so good :)