Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daisy caught a squirrel!!!!

I did this really long post and it took forever for me to do and our computer was being very slow, so I pushed a button to make it so it could go faster then all of a sudden all of my words got deleted!!!! On account to that my Mom will retype it. 

ok, here we go (Becky)

Yesterday I was outside looking at birds when I noticed that Daisy wasn't next to me anymore.  I looked all around, thinking that she had escaped under the fence, then I finally found her with her head under the slide.  So I looked under the slide and saw that there were two squirrel holes!  I went to tell my dad and my dad told me and James to lift up the slide so Daisy would have more room.  My dad went to go get a big brick to rest the slide on, and while he was doing that Daisy had dug pretty deep into one of the squirrel holes.  When my dad came back, the squirrel suddenly leaped out of the other hole and Daisy really quickly caught the squirrel and started shaking it around like she does with her toys.  She wanted to eat it but my dad told me to take Daisy inside.  Thirty minutes later me and Daisy went back outside and Daisy immediately went to where the squirrel used to be.  She sniffed all over looking for the squirrel (which my dad had thrown out). 

I think it is pretty amazing that Daisy caught a squirrel, when she has never caught one before.


  1. Daisy is such a good dog! And a good hunter!

  2. Good thing that daisy caught that squirrel before it ate your garden.

    Love Aidan